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Agmark Logistics coordinates, transports, and delivers.

From the origin to the destination, Agmark Logistics provides a single source for global ocean shipping and over the road bulk tanker shipping of bulk liquid foods, such as milk, orange juice, spirits, and wine, in ISO tank containers.

With our all-inclusive food grade shipping and logistics system, customers can simply give us the origin and destination, time requirements, and food handling specifications, and we will do the rest.

Using our own ISO tank containers, cleaned to your food grade specifications, we pick up your product using our own company drivers or allied drayage companies. We then take our ISO tanks, IMO tanks, and T11 tank containers to intermodal shipping rail facilities or ocean freight forwarder and NVOCC ports to be shipped long haul using these fuel efficient transportation methods. Once it reaches the destination rail or port facility, the bulk tanker containers are loaded back onto truck chassis and promptly delivered, according to your schedule, to the receiver. We route and track the bulk liquid tank freight as it travels intermodally over road, rail, or ocean and report back to you via your preferred method.

Agmark’s professional bulk liquid shipper logistics coordinators utilize our own proprietary enterprise management system to keep your freight on schedule and keep you well-informed of where your bulk liquid foods are while in transit.