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Agmark transports bulk liquid foods in ISO tank containers

Agmark provides a high quality, environmentally sound alternative when shipping bulk liquid foods, including spirits and wine transport, using only 316l stainless steel tank containers, rather than lesser methods of drums, bins and flexibags.

Agmark ships a variety of food grade, edible, pharmaceutical grade and other non-contaminating bulk liquids, carefully considering prior load compatibility and intermediate tank container wash protocols. Typical products hauled are fruit juices, milk products, sweeteners, vegetable oils, animal fats, chocolate, wine, spirits, alcohol, beverage preparations, essences, and other such products. We are adept at handling milk transport and milk trucking, including CO2 in milk. As part of our international bulk liquid transport, Agmark carries a great deal of Mexico orange juice and other orange juice imports for our customers.

Agmark adheres to Juice Products Association (JPA) wash guidelines, where appropriate, to determine the correct type wash for each subsequent load. In the absence of JPA guidance, we work with individual customers and commercial wash facilities to determine appropriate procedures juice tanker haulers and orange juice import. We can provide kosher washes upon request for any bulk liquid tank shipper. Where available and when required, we can arrange for additional high purity procedures like pickling and passivation as part of our food grade transport.

Our attention to food safety does not preclude shipping hazardous materials, such as high proof alcohol and food grade acids. We do handle bulk wine transport and bulk spirits transport.

Agmark maintains an open book policy to assure its customers that our tanks have never in their history hauled products that would endanger human health.